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hope’s ANCHOR

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TERMS OF USE AND DISCLAIMER: Studio On The Spot, an On The Spot Communications Company (Atlanta, Georgia USA), hosted electronically at (also referred to as THIS WEBSITE) is not affiliated with any business, organization, group, company or any other organized concept. Trademark(s) and/or Copyright(s) (up to and including proprietary property or information), affiliate, partner, investor or advertiser of this production, content and/or recordings (pre-recorded content included) on THIS WEBSITE is exempt of any and all culpability from the performance and outcome arising from any data or message conveyed from THIS WEBSITE; as governed by the laws in the State of Georgia, USA. STATEMENT OF STANCE: Studio On The Spot is simply and only the for-hire-by-client digital multimedia host & support concept company. All broadcasted media material on this specific website address (i.e., the link to this web page) is Copyright and exclusive property of the person(s) hosting and/or producing and/or acquiring Studio On The Spot. Duplicating, copying, sharing, recording, corresponding or any method of conveying content received from THIS WEBSITE (also to include, but not limited to, any device that has a RECORD and/or SAVE and/or CAPTURE and/or COPY and/or DOWNLOAD feature or capability) by using a tool, application and/or any-and-all program(s) that require electricity and/or any version of technology and/or software (with or without a physical device) is strictly prohibited. SUMMARY OF LIABILITY: Users, guests or any form of participation practiced on THIS WEBSITE is deemed null and void and furthermore unfounded for any perpetual and/or financial gains or losses (or any reasonable comparison within). Studio On The Spot, On The Spot Communications, any partners involved with the company, affiliates or alliances are assumed and agreed upon to be held harmless with no liabilities or actions that require a response or attention of any kind. All users on THIS WEBSITE, you included, may exit at any time without obligation. Thank you.

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