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Mobile Audio & Video Studio servicing Atlanta & The Southeast!

We are a supplier to those that require an audio or video product and + the unique ability to reach a larger audience.

From any location you have in mind.

Studio On The Spot is an option for you that provides the ability to capture your audio and visual needs on any platform within the internet-of-things capacity.

Podcast equipment rental atlanta

Introducing our new LIVE! feature… go live from anywhere! We can provide you with the ability to embed your custom video player on any website or social media platform for your LIVE! show. Public and private options available.

Built for Podcasting, Corporate Training Videos and Digital Marketing Media Creation
at Your Location.

Podcast Studio Rental Atlanta

Studio On The Spot, an On The Spot Communications Company, was created with the idea to bring a podcast studio rental concept to any location in Atlanta and the Southeast. Motivated with a hyper-focused and creative approach, the podcast studio rental concept started to develop solutions that offer much, much more. Packed with state-of-the-art technology, Studio On The Spot provides you with the ability for use as a podcast studio, mobile conference room, voice over booth, on location event coverage and practically any multimedia idea or design you have in mind! Studio On The Spot’s service menu is loaded with options. Whatever your need or idea you may have, Studio On The Spot is the company you can count on! We are deliberately fantastic.

We Can Do It All For You.


We can build your logo, and cover art for your podcast or show. We can take a logo concept or create it entirely for you from scratch.


Studio On The Spot has professional voice-over talent on hand to assist you for building custom sounders and sweepers for your podcast or show.


Need or want us to be your distribution platform? No problem! Studio On The Spot can plug your podcast or show’s RSS feed to all major platforms (Spotify, Apple, Google, the list goes on).


All podcasts and shows or any service when using the studio includes the recording feature. All of your material will be issued in 2 high-definition 16:9 formats with copyright release forms included.


Want to record everything and then have the best parts with a seamless flow all wrapped up into one file? We can do that for you!


Studio On The Spot has the technology to broadcast your podcast, show or production live! With a custom video player on your designated website, you can publish this to a public or private (password protected) audience.


If you want to host a live show and add the call in feature for guests, we have a studio phone line that they can call into and you can talk directly to the caller from the studio seat and microphone.


This concept is only available with editing packages as an addition. The Live Show Insertion is taking a piece of a previous show, or an audible from a caller, or video from whatever source you have and placing it into your show, podcast or studio production.


Do you feel the need to have a host with your podcast, show or production? Studio On The Spot has many Spotify hosts on hand that are available for-hire on a per hour basis. Each talent has different rates. You can select your talent

We are deliberately fantastic.